Check to make sure that you have not paid more tax than you should have using the calculator below

Reasons you may have overpaid tax:

Why do so many people over pay tax? There are a number of reasons which could include:

  • If your employer places you on the wrong tax code

  • If you leave the UK or if you are not from the UK originally

  • If you earn below the tax free allowance

  • If you are a student you may be due a tax rebate

  • If you have stopped working you may have overpaid tax.

UK Tax Rebate Calculator
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Income for Year:
Tax Deducted:
Tax Rebate Due:

Steps To Claiming Your Tax Rebate

It can be a long and complicated procedure to claim your tax rebate, but don’t let that stop you, it can also be worthwhile. Imagine how you would feel if a cheque for over 1,000 pounds landed on your door mat.

  • Find your P45/P60’s
  • Complete a P85 if you are leaving the UK
  • Complete a P91 form – Employment history
  • Send all this and a cover letter to your local tax office.

Need help Claiming your Tax rebate?

If you do not want to deal with claiming your tax rebate from the Inland Revenue you can pay to have someone do all the work for you and for your refund to arrive like magic in your bank account.

The Easy way to Claim Your Tax Rebate

Our partner TaxFix can claim your tax rebate so you can sit back and do anything except for dealing with the Inland Revenue. TaxFix’s team has processed over 100,000 claims and will deposit your rebate directly into your bank account. They only charge a fee if they are successful and if they are, they charge as little as 16.8% of any claim amount.