Check to make sure that you have not paid more tax than you should have

Reasons you may have overpaid tax:

Why do so many people over pay tax? There are a number of reasons which could include:

  • If your employer places you on the wrong tax code

  • If you leave the UK or if you are not from the UK originally

  • If you earn below the tax free allowance

  • If you are a student you may be due a tax rebate

  • If you have stopped working you may have overpaid tax.

Steps To Claiming Your Tax Rebate

It can be a long and complicated procedure to claim your tax rebate, but don’t let that stop you, it can also be worthwhile. Imagine how you would feel if a cheque for over 1,000 pounds landed on your door mat.

  • Find your P45/P60’s
  • Complete a P85 if you are leaving the UK
  • Complete a P91 form – Employment history
  • Send all this and a cover letter to your local tax office.

Need help Claiming your Tax rebate?

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